Green Wedding Presents

We’ve previously talked about green wedding dresses, but you can obviously also get green wedding presents.

Whilst buying a green wedding present isn’t difficult, sometimes I don’t really want to buy more “stuff” for the happy couple. That’s why I think Changing the Present is a good idea. To be more precise they offer charitable wedding gifts/lists, not green ones, but many of the gifts are green. Couples can choose from a full range of over 1,000 charitable gifts from $2 to $5,000 from hundreds of leading nonprofits, such as plant 40 trees, protect wildlife, and educate little kiddies.

It looks like a great idea to me, so please let me know if you’ve used it or have any other ideas for green gifts (wedding or otherwise).

Changing The Present Weddings

4 thoughts on “Green Wedding Presents

  1. As a wedding consultant, I’ve seen a spike in Green Weddings. So much so that I’m now offering a “Green” Service Package. estimates that 1/3 of all couples will incorporate “Green” into their wedding planning next year. Two great sites to purchase green wedding gifts are: and

    My blog for The Last Bridesmaid Weddings ( has several posts on green weddings such as finding eco-friendly Wedding Bands.


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