nvohk Crowd Funding Clothing Company Goes Live

The eco clothing company that is managed by it’s members, nvohk, has gone live today. Previously we’ve written about the company here, but in brief members will contribute $50 in annual membership dues to…

  • Receive regular business updates and provide ongoing feedback via message boards
  • Help make major business decisions including logo design, product designs, advertising, sponsored athletes and musicians, etc.
  • Members will be invited via email to login to nvohk.com and read about specific business decisions on the table. Members will then vote on their preferred outcome. when members reach a consensus of 60%+ (active votes), the decision will be executed via nvohk’s management.
  • Earn reward points based on 35% of net profits (1 to 1 ratio of dollars to points)
  • Identify and select beneficiaries for corporate charitable donations (10% of net profits to environmental charities)

I will be signing up and plan to keep you all updated on the progress of the company and how well things are going. You can join up too for $50 if the idea and terms appeal to you.

How nvohk works

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