Riverford Organic Food Delivery Eco Product Review

Riverford Organic Vegetables is a delivery service of food to your front door. Although it has ‘vegetables’ in the name, it also delivers fruit, meat and a multitude of other things – fruit juices, organic beer, eggs etc.

Riverford is the name of the farm where it all started in Devon, in the UK, but it’s now a franchise scheme with various farms around the country delivering fresh, organic fruit and veg to your door. Although pictured is their mini fruit and veg box, we started off with their summer box – full of calabrese broccoli, aranca tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and so on. The boxes change every week and you can check out the website to get a box that suits you.


Prices range from £7.90 for the mini to £14.95 for the large. You can get extras on top and there’s even a meant box starting at £48.95. That initially seems quite expensive, but once we added it up – and saw the amount we got – it works out quite reasonably.

Probably the best compliment I can give is that although we received out first box free for reviewing purposes, we’ve now become fully signed up members and have a box delivered every week. We’re still working out the ideal size box for the two of us and I think most people will go through that and set up a regular order, if not every week then every other week – the flexibility of the scheme is a great attraction. You can cancel orders while you go on holiday, order more if you have friends round or change the type of box you want each week.


The quality of food is exceptional too – everything’s fresh and tasty. It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve never tasted a salad so flavoursome – the mixed salad lettuce had quite a kick. We’ve also found it ‘forces’ you to eat healthily. Every time we look in the fridge we have vegetables to make dinner from. In fact it’s been a bit of a challenge to know what to cook. What I thought were spring onions turned out to be wet garlic, which I didn’t have a clue what to do with. A quick Google search and what site came up second in the list? Riverford Organic Vegetables of course – with a recipe for potato cakes with wet garlic which I duly made. In fact the website is full of ideas what to do with your veg, although I found the search function not to be very effective and Google worked much better.

While some of the fruit and vegetables do come outside of the UK, they have introduced a UK only box so you can choose where your food comes from. All the food is organic though and delivered staraight to your door. While some of the products come in plastic bags – pak choi, lettuce etc, the boxes it arrives in are returned and reused. And our local guy is very friendly too – we’ll be interviewing Chris on Life Goggles soon.


2 thoughts on “Riverford Organic Food Delivery Eco Product Review

  1. I think this is a great idea if you know exactly what you want to buy. It will also prevent you from spending extra money that you don’t intend to spend. Only problem is finding someone who can deliver the quality of veg you can buy in the supermarket.


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