Ecover Partners With WaterAid – Plus Free Water Care Pack!

Ecover, the eco cleaning products people (see our Eco Product Reviews page), are working in partnership with WaterAid to enable communities in Ethiopia to access clean water. They will be working with them for at least the next three years on a variety of water related projects.

Ecover and Water Aid logos

They have an interesting website about a recent trip to Ethiopia, facts about how the company respects water and details of how you can get involved. They also have some neat water facts, including about what happens to water when it goes down the drain and also water use in their factories. A little promotional for Ecover but interesting nevertheless.

If you live in the UK (seemingly the place for free “go green” kits these days) you can get a free watercare pack while stocks last, including a Hippo water saver for your toilet, information booklet and some fun stickers and posters.


One thought on “Ecover Partners With WaterAid – Plus Free Water Care Pack!

  1. International songstress Natalie Imbruglia has joined forces with ecological cleaning experts Ecover to create a compelling podcast video that explores the environmental importance of the global water cycle. View is at

    Would you like to make a difference?
    To buy Ecover Products online visit the who list the best Eco Shopping sites and be part of the 5% of families safeguarding 1/2 million Olympic swimming pools worth of water.

    Also MoreEco, the Eco Shopping reward site, will donate £1 for each person who sign up using the offer code ‘wateraid’.


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