Method Soy Candle Eco Product Review

Big Green Smile sent us a Method Soy Candle for testing. It’s a bit tricky to test a candle, so took a picture of it lit along with one of our Wizard of Oz placemats – nice isn’t it?

Soy candle

Anyway I’d put off reviewing this candle for a while as I love the smell of it when it’s not lit. I have the pear and grapefruit flavour and it’s lovely. I was worried it would disappear when lit but it actually doesn’t and dissipates into the room. We’ve been using candles for a while now instead of air fresheners and this is a great eco-friendly alternative.

Made from renewable, natural soy and with cotton wicks, the only gripe I would have is the ceramic holder. Perhaps the soy doesn’t hold it’s shape that well so needs a holder but we’ll definitely reuse it once the candle is finished – it would be good if you could buy refills. It seems to be lasting a while though and compares favourable with other candles I have – and we have quite a few.

Also available in other scents – sweet water, lavender lemongrass and vanilla apple, Method candles are said to produce 90 per cent less soot for healthier air quality than regular candles. They cost a nice round £5 and are available from Big Green Smile.


5 thoughts on “Method Soy Candle Eco Product Review

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  3. You’re right about the ceramic holder being required to hold the shape. Soy wax is generally softer than other traditional waxes. Some makers blend it with beeswax to make it a bit more firm, but that also makes it a lot more expensive. Also, the softer the blend, the stronger the fragrance.

    It looks like a nice container, and you can order your own soy wax and aromas to melt and refill it.



  4. I highly recommend checking out Dirt candles. They’re also soy and burn for up to 60+ hrs and all the packaging (even the glass cup it comes in) is recycled!

    go to or shoot me an email if you have more questions about them. there are 24 different scents (plus one unscented) and the glass that it comes in can be reused as a drinking glass after 🙂


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