Thank You To Our Sponsors

It’s that time again where we thank our current sponsors for their continued support. Advertising is what keeps a lot of websites going, including this one, so we are delighted to be directly working with these nice people. Please check out their websites and take a look at the excellent green alternatives to products that you use every day. Our new sponsors are:

Natural Collection

Natural Collection

Natural Collection are the UK’s leading non-food ecological retailer and are proud to be the official catalogue for Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Trees for Life, Out of This World, The Vegetarian Society, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Established in 1999 they have raised and contributed over £300,000 for environmental and other worthy causes.

Green People

Green People

The Green People Mission is to promote an organic lifestyle and provide high quality, truly organic, natural health and home care formulations. To support charities with related health and environmental concerns. Their aim is to continue to expand their range of certified organic products. You can read reviews of many of their products on our Eco Reviews page (under Personal Care).


Monave Mineral Makeup

Monave stands for “Modern”, “Natural”, and “Versatile” and they provide chemical free loose (or bare) mineral cosmetics that they make themselves. You can read more about that process here. We have a review coming soon!


Katleen Baum and her twin sister Liesbet run georgette, an online and real world shop in Antwerp which specialises in animal friendly footwear. You can read a great interview with Katleen where she asks “Can you wear leather and be green?”


CynerGreen make 304 stainless steel and aluminum reusable and recyclable drinking bottles. We’ll have a review up sometime. Their website will be relaunched soon, so they’ll have a new exciting look.

Please take a look at these sponsors and let us know what you think!


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