Dr Bronner Tea Tree Castile Soap Eco Product Review

Testing eco-friendly products is always fun, but the best times are when something is useful as well. When Male Organics send us stuff, I can then groom myself nicely all in the name of research.

I’ve mentioned Dr Bronner’s castile soap before, how it’s basically a shower gel and how much I loved the peppermint version, but now I’ve been testing the tea tree version. Essentially it’s the same stuff but different smell. I’ve never liked tea tree oil, creams, facewashes, air fresheners and so on, but think that may be down to a nutty ex-girlfriend who used it a lot. So in the name of product reviewing I ignored my fear and jumped in the shower.

Dr Bronner tea tree

It wasn’t too bad. I mean there’s obviously a tea tree smell to it but once you’re using it you notice it less and get on with the lathering up. Used with one of those shower puff things you can get a lot of coverage with only a tiny drop of the soap.

And if you’re in the bath and are a bit bored, the bottle makes an entertaining, if slightly bizarre, read. But that’s part of the charm. The soap itself contains non of the chemicals you find in shower most gels and is all natural. I’m a big fan… of the peppermint version anyway.

Dr Bronner’s shower soap is available from Male Organics in two sizes – £2.45 for the 118ml and £6.45 for 472ml.


3 thoughts on “Dr Bronner Tea Tree Castile Soap Eco Product Review

  1. I have been using Dr Bronners peppermint for a few months. its amazing. doesnt overly dry, natural, feels great.

    only have to use a bit with soft water, but a bit expensive under hard water.

    i use it for hand soap, face wash, body wash, and if i run out of shampoo.

    my acne has cleared up significantly by using this too!



  2. We love Dr Bronners in our home. My husband and son love the peppermint version – my husband is a “sensitive shaver” and finds that Dr Bronners keeps his razor bumps at bay. I love, love, love, the almond version.

    We’re a progressively green family so we’re not afraid to reuse old soap pumps for our latest liquid soap purchase – dividing it up between hand wash pumps and body wash pumps in the home. Dr Bronners definitely does the rounds!


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