Method Tub And Tile Cleaning Spray Eco Product Review

Method Tub and Tile Spray

Okay another review I gave to a friend, Sara, so I didn’t want to become too Method biased with all the stuff Big Green Smile keep sending me. I’ve already text Method’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and have others, just don’t tell Sara I have the All Purpose Spray as well. I thought the Tub and Tile Spray was for tiled walls, I didn’t think about floors, but she did:

“Cillit who? It’s Method’s Tub and Tile Spray that will get my dirt away. I’m a bit of a clean freak, so when I was handed a spray so good for the environment that it doesn’t really matter if you swallow it (just have a drink of water it says but I didn’t test it out just to be safe), I questioned how powerful it could be against dirt. For this reason I think I used a little too much of the spray, opting to not only spay it in my mop bucket, but also directly on to the surface I intended to clean.

“Now, my kitchen floor consists of small black and white tiles, which look lovely, but attract dirt like a white suit! Previously I’ve used Cillit Bang to fight the grime – but Method’s answer is now my answer to fighting the dirt between my tiles. The eucalyptus aroma actually made me forget I was actually using a cleaning product and left my tiles with a shimmering sparkle as well as a pleasant smell.

“The power of the spray action also took me by surprise as with most products the liquid tends to just drip or trickle out – with Tub and Tile it’s like a little power shower in your hand!

“One negative I must point out is, that when I’d finished going mad with my mop and the tiles had dried, the spray had left the tiles a little sticky underfoot – a bit like a well polished floor that makes your shoes squeak with every step. It didn’t take long to subside however.

“And as for my tub – at least I can relax in my bubble bath without worrying about the chemicals used to clean it. Flash, my previous bathroom cleaner, used to leave a powdery residue which is nowhere to be seen when using Method’s alternative. I already want to hunt down Method’s multi-purpose cleaner – it comes in pink grapefruit!”

The Tub and Tile Spray costs £3.00 for 828ml from Big Green Smile.


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