Buka Bags Reusable Shopping Bag Product Review

Buka Bags are our latest addition to our Resuable Bag Comparison Chart.

The bags are made from cotton, so are washable, measure 18″w x 15″h x 7″d and have 25″ handles which make them long enough to go over the shoulder (just about). Weighing at only 10 ounces when empty they are strong enough to hold 25 pounds of shopping.

Buka Bags

They’re available in a variety of cool designs, I got the “I get around” bag and the range even include ones in black (shock, horror!) so you don’t have to have to have the usual cream color.

As I don’t go shopping that often I’m getting used to testing bags by, frankly, stuffing anything I can find it them. Including neighbors pets, so I can testify that this bag can hold a small dog. For about 5 seconds until he ran off to do better things. Besides animals, the bag is pretty big and sturdy but folds up relatively small and therefore works for me.

Buka Bags sells them for $16.50. Check out the other reusable bags in our Resuable Bag Comparison Chart or all eco reviews on our Eco Reviews page.


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