Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 4

Welcome to another packed edition of the wonderfully named (if I do say so myself) Green Link Love, where we send links out to other green websites and articles. You can read the previous editions here: one, two and three.

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ProTraveller talks about 20 Cities, Islands & Countries Threatened By Global Warming, with pictures and videos.

Mom Goes Green is a new website that is starting to chronicle a mom’s journey to green living. Why not follow it from the start?

Another site with green in the name is Gray Is Green. It’s a site from the National Senior Conversation Corps (with National being USA in this case). They have a fascinating About page about why the “elderly” are commited to improving and conserving the environment.

Greenopolis launched recently, which is a website owned by the USA company Waste Management. It is a green community that awards users with points they will be able to redeem for green gifts. It’s started off nicely though has a lot of features which makes it a little overwhelming at first, with blogs, groups, polls, forums, events, a green job board, games, and a carbon calculator amongst others. The do have a nicely named mascot – Liv Greene.

Fake Plastic Fish is a site I don’t visit often enough. Run by Beth Terry, it’s a site about plastic, and of course reducing our consumption of plastic. She has a great list of changes she’s made to reduce her use of plastic.

The next site is not directly green but reusing is green, so Fix It Club gets my vote. Essentially a guide on how to fix almost anything in your house, it’s proved useful many a time and well worth checking out. If you’re still not sure, check out their top ten reasons.

Positivitee was brought to our attention by a reader (thanks Nina!), they’re a small online t-shirt company that sells shirts that are both stylish and organic. Also, 10% of the price of each shirt is donated to a non-profit organization.

Izzit Green was another site sent to us (thanks Kristen!). It’s a Boston-based site that rates local businesses, stores, services, restaurants, and so on based on how good they are, but also how GREEN they are. You can add your own reviews/ratings yourself, and there are guides for different companies/stores/food places so they can learn about how to increase their own green rating.

If you have an interesting site you would like to be featured here, just let us know.


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