The Natural Beauty Store

While people may save water, switch their TVs off at the plug and buy the odd organic floret of broccoli, an area which can get missed is beauty products. At Life Goggles, we’ve reviewed various products and the Natural Beauty Store got in touch and paid for a sponsored review of its site.

Natural Beauty Store is simply a one-stop shop to get your personal care products from. Here, however, the products are made from mostly natural ingredients and a lot are certified organic.

While you can search by brand, if you’re new to this area it’s probably easier to navigate via types of products such as make-up, skin, hair, even pets and, shock, horror, men. And the range within the categories is huge. For example in the skin care category, there are 11 sub-categories like moisturiser, lip care etc and within them there are even more categories. It makes it incredibly easy to choose what you want and the prices compare well to non-organic products.

While there’s not much more to write about the shop itself – it’s like other online shops you’ve been to before, there’s even product of the day and jar of the month – but there’s much more to the site. The store also sells raw ingredients – mainly essential oils but also things like herbs and the bottles and jars to keep your mixture in – to make your creams and toner. Don’t know how? No need to worry, the site includes recipes and ideas for you to help.

What makes the site stand out is the resources on there. The recipes as mentioned above, the news pieces, articles written by experts giving you insight and ideas like how to make a face mask and getting back to basics with your skincare. There’s also a forum on the site, called Message Boards, which is unusual for a shop but fits in with the spirit behind the site really well. While it’s a bit sparse at the moment, I’m sure posts will increase and is a great idea to get like-minded people together.

There’s a host of information on the site and is if you’re thinking of going organic and natural, you could do a lot worse that starting here. Many people may be put off making their own skincare products, but it’s actually really easy and I like how this site mixes selling the raw ingredients with teaching you things. And even if you can’t be bothered making your own, you can but ready-made products that are good for the environment. It’s a win-win situation.


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