Green Chic – Saving The Earth in Style Eco Book Review

Green Chic – Saving The Earth in Style by Christie Matheson is a book for people who want to go green without giving up on great style. Being thoughtfully, consciously green makes a real difference in the fight against global warming. But did you know it’s also hip, classic and stylish?

Green Chic - Saving The Earth in Style Book

I like to think I’m knowledgeable about green issues, and not in an obnoxious way, but I read a lot of green websites and books. However I’m completely open to the fact that a lot of people haven’t got around to it yet even though they would embrace the ideas. Green Chic is definitely a book for beginners, going through the basics covered in may other places (such as our own 100 Ways To Save The Planet), but puts a unique spin on it. Doing green things that make you look and appear better, and even save money makes Green Chic a good read for those wanting to do their part.

The book is wonderfully realistic between changes a person might do and those they’re unlikely to do. Honestly, there is always going to be a range from what someone SHOULD do to what someone is WILLING to do, and the book covers that really well. Yes, it’s “light green” in terms of actions, but with the facts backing them up to show that people can go further than what is recommended as being easy.

Reduce clutter, eat organic food, less red meat and so on are all tips given, but so is the main theme or don’t stop buying, just be more thoughtful when buying products about where they came from, and what they are doing to you. They’re things everyone can do, and the book proves it’s not hard to be green and chic. Available for just over $10 from Amazon.


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