Give Your Plastic Bottle A New Life

We Want Tap is a nice new idea. Essentially it’s just a DIY labeling kit for your water bottle.

we want tap

Whilst we encourage the use of reusable bottles – plastic, steel or aluminum – there are times when they’re not practical due to size, or if you’ve forgotten to take one with with you. So when you’ve got a plastic bottle, We Want Tap packs each contain five large and five small labels to stick over the current label on the bottle. On the label is their patented Drink-O-Meter, you can keep track of your re-fills. Mark off each time you fill up and when you reach ten, recycle the bottle. The pack also contains 20 bonus fun size stickers, and is only £6 in the UK.

They will soon also sell reusable plastic bottles, including a nice small one, but no news on what type of plastic they’re made of. Take a look at We Want Tap, or our Eco Product Reviews of other reusable water bottles.


2 thoughts on “Give Your Plastic Bottle A New Life

  1. While I’m for anything that promotes tap water – this is just promoting plastics and waste. We have to make using steel bottles a priority. It’s not safe to resuse these types of bottles, they contain Bishenyl A and other plastics. Get a Sigg or other bottle, it will last a life time (or at least til you kid leaves it at school). Just do your homework – some metal bottles contain heavy metals that leak (read cheap junk made in China).

    As with everything else, you get what you pay for.


  2. While I agree to a certain extent (I have a SIGG myself), not all plastic bottles contain BPA, and a lot of people find the size and convenience of a plastic bottle to be much better than those of steel or aluminum bottles. I do not agree that this promotes plastic, it is promoting reuse of the plastic bottles that you have. In an ideal world, yes, everyone would switch to more permanent reusable bottles, but we don’t and at least this is a step in the right direction.


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