ReJAVAnate Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

We’ve tested a lot of reusable shopping bags on Life Goggles and there is a huge variety in the style and type. You can see them all on our Reusable Bag Comparison Chart, and the latest bag we have proves that there is always something new.

ReJAVAnate take burlap from coffee roasters that would be otherwise sent to landfill (about 800,000 tons go every year), and make them into reusable shopping bags.

ReJAVAnate Bag

They work with a company called The ARC, who help over 140,000 individuals with developmental disabilities to find employment, to hand make the bags, and then they sell them to individuals and organizations who “want to make a statement about reducing paper and plastic bag consumption”.

The bag I received was lined and pretty large at 15″ by 15″. It’s very sturdy, I’m not sure what weight it can hold but was my choice for drink bottle and cans as it seemed one of the strongest bags I’ve used. It arrives in an old Vans shoe box, with a proud stamp on the inside that said “Shamelessly shipped in reused packaging”. I like it!

They have a variety of bags, medium and large, plain or with different logos, and lined or unlined ranging from $9 to $11. You can buy them online at ReJAVAnate.


3 thoughts on “ReJAVAnate Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

  1. I love the idea. It really does look like a strong and sturdy bag. My only problem with it is that it looks ugly.

    That’s a problem because people, no matter how environmentally-sound the product’s credentials are, still want their green products to look good. I blogged about this recently. If they could spend a little more to make the bag more attractive, that would really pay off in the longer term.


  2. Thanks Richard, I know what you mean, I use it mainly as a recycling bag, it’s big and sturdy. We do have a variety of bags on our reusable bag chart but what I like about this bag particularly is that it is reusing (or “upcycling”) material that would otherwise have been discarded.

    Another problem some people have with “green” products is their often higher cost, and spending more to make something look more attractive to the eyes may make it less attractive to the wallet. It must be a difficult balance.


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