nvohk Becomes First Community-managed Eco-clothing Brand

nvohk is a company I’ve talked about many times and I’ve promised to keep you all updated on my progress as a “co-founder”.

They’ve hit their launch target of at least 400 sign-ups and now have members from over 20 countries (with 50% coming from outside the U.S). Next the member packet (including a co-founder t-shirt and member sticker) will ship out by the end of August/early September. You can see my video of my sneak preview of the t-shirt here.

They they will present nvohk’s logo design options the week of August 18th for the first member vote. Around 10 member/co-founder submitted designs plus 10 designs from nvohk’s Creative Director will be up for voting.

nvohk logo

As soon as a logo is selected, members/co-founders will be able to submit their own t-shirt designs. We will collectively select 3-4 t-shirt designs, which will then be produced and offered in both men’s and women’s styles.

Going forward, the plan is to repeat the t-shirt process for 1-2 new t-shirt designs per month starting about 45-60 days after the initial t-shirt designs are offered for sale. All t-shirt designs will be available via www.nvohk.com and members/co-founders will receive 25% off the online retail pricing.

You can read more about how nvohk works, and sign up for $50.

I’ll update you again when the member pack arrives.


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