The Ethics Of Climate Change Eco Book Review

The Ethics Of Climate Change (right and wrong in a warming world) by James Garvey argues that climate change is actually a moral problem, one that can be informed by economics, politics, science and society, but what we do is actually down to us.

The Ethics Of Climate Change

It’s a very interesting read, though a little heavy-weight for those not 100% interested in the topic. Serious, but never patronizing, Garvey presents his views in a series of nicely structured chapters and sub-chapters. Discussing the science and the facts and then moving quickly onto moral beliefs and ethics, the book is a detailed examination of what the options available to us are, who’s responsible, and ways of thinking about them. A lot of it I had never really thought about much before and it’s enlightening that a “green” book can provide something new and thought provoking.

I liked the author’s style, and the way the book was structured and presented. One of the reviewers on Amazon summed it up for me when I was looking for some final thoughts: “Witty without being frivolous, explanatory but never condescending, it is engaging and challenging in equal measure.”

Here you can read a good interview with the author, James Garvey (Secretary of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, and you can buy the book from Amazon.


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