Essential Care Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash Eco Product Review

Despite the mad writings on the bottle, I’m a big fan of Dr Bronner’s liquid soap for the shower so when it came time to test this Essential Care Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash, I was expecting not to like it. Male Organics thought I would like it though and to be honest they were right.

Essential Care body wash

Essential care make a promise on the back of their products that includes that as much of the product is organic as possible – in this case 70 per cent – and that it’s bio-degradable. It’s also got the Soil Association’s Organic Standard mark on the bottle which is a big achievement as it doesn’t hand out those marks easily.

But what of the product itself? It’s in a pump dispenser bottle which is okay, but to get the amount out I needed it took quite a few pumps but the smell is really nice. A bit like Dr Bronner it doesn’t foam up as much as synthetic shower gels but it still cleans you nicely and leaves a pleasant scent afterwards. The only downside is the bottle itself, I don’t like having to take a lid off and put it down somewhere every time so I just leave it off which has had no affect on the pump.

It’s not going to set your world alight, but it is a a nice body wash with Soil Association approval so would make a good present – makes a change from a pack of Lynx coupled with a massive pair of boxers.

Essential Care Ylang Ylang & Orange Body Wash costs £9 for 200ml from Male Organics.


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