Method All Purpose Spray Eco Product Review

All purpose spray

After testing Method’s Stainless Steel Cleaner, Flushable Wipes and Soy Candle, Big Green Smile sent us some All Purpose Spray to review. Firstly I’ll get out the way how much I like the bottle shape and tounge-in-cheek writing on the bottle – all products should be like this – but it’s more important to find out if it works well.

I didn’t get the same colour as pictured on the website, I think Method must just update them as mine was pink as pictured below, although I’m sure it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to how it works.

I gave it a stern test – my cooker top which hadn’t been cleaned for a couple of weeks. And I just used a cloth so I would have to work at stubborn stains. But I didn’t have to really. I turned the nozzle to ‘on’ and off I went, a few sprays and a quick wipe and I was done. Well almost. There were a few places which needed a further wipe but what I discovered was that if you sprayed a drop of the Method cleaner on the area, left it for about 30 seconds, it then wiped off easily.

The smell wasn’t quite as nice as other Method products and it did seem a bit ‘chemically’ but I wasn’t worried about breathing it in or touching it with my hands like I am with other cleaners. It’s made with naturally-derived surfactants and is biodegradable.

Method All Purpose Spray costs £3.00 and is available from Big Green Smile.

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2 thoughts on “Method All Purpose Spray Eco Product Review

  1. yours was pink as you got the pink grapefruit all purpose cleaner, and pictured is the lavender version :p

    i too find the smell “chemically” and wont be going with this again. i can recommend bio-d all purpose cleaner, it’s cheap, small, and no frills (i’m not so keen on fancy bottle designs and “fun” labels) which is exactly how i like it,


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