Quick Green Company Roundup

Not all the companies are actually green, but here is a quick round up of some of the interesting info I’ve been sent recently.

For those in the UK Uniross has just announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly battery chargers. With gadgets an everyday part of people’s lives, an unfortunate side effect is that 660 million batteries end up in landfill sites every year. Uniross is the only battery brand endorsed by the WWF. “Throwing away batteries wastes precious resources and adds to environmental pollution,” said Colin Butfield, Head of Campaigns at WWF-UK. “Recharging is a simple way people can reduce their impact on the environment, which is a key aim of WWF’s One Planet Future campaign. Even better, a charger that uses the ultimate renewable energy source – the sun – means you can recharge whilst you’re on the move.”

Whilst we’re talking about the WWF, they and IUCN have set up a new online green community, an initiative to get young people involved in environmental issues called, connect2earth.org. They have a pretty funny video to advertise it’s launch:

The first green storage space in the US has opened. The only alternative for space-challenged New Yorkers to places like Manhattan Mini Storage, Hall Street Storage is sincerely green, with actions throughout. First, the company uses renewable energy to meet 100% of its annual electricity needs; it is the first storage facility to become a Green-e certified business. Amongst many other things, new customers of the self-storage space will receive an eco-tote with green products to help them be green at home, too. More of these green storage spaces are planned for the future.


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