Reusable Bag Product Review offer a wide variety of green products for the home, leisure and the workplace. One of those is a reusable shopping bag, which we were sent to test to compare to our other reusable bag reviews.

There are many different reusable bags on the market, ones that fold, that are sturdy, made of polyester, burlap, cotton, recycled bottles and so on. So why use this bag?

Well it’s only $6 for a start, so if you’ll looking at buying several for grocery shopping then that helps. It’s also made of 100% organic cotton, some cotton bags aren’t. It’s not the most luxurious cotton we’ve tested, but in a way that helps as you can fold it up into a rather small size. It’s pretty thin that makes it light and helps with the small space it takes up.

Pretty sturdy too, it can certainly take a lot of groceries and I reckon easily stronger than a normal plastic bag. Though perhaps the 24 pack of beer bottles is best left to being carried on it’s own.

Made in India, the bags are $6 from Check out our other bag reviews here.


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