Are You Up For The Zero Waste Challenge?

Rachelle Strauss (aka Mrs Green) and the three other members of her family from the UK are about to set about challenging themselves to creating zero waste!

By recycling all that they can and changing their shopping habits, they hope to be able to produce nothing for the landfill each week. The first week in September will be their official ‘zero waste week’. When they started preparing for this challenge, an ‘average’ week was about 100 liters (26.4 gallons) of landfill waste. Recently they put out just under 200 grams (7 ounces) – less than half a carrier bag.

My Zero Waste

They’ve launched a website to track their progress. As well as a blog, they have articles on how people can reduce the amount of rubbish they have, polls, competitions (22 prizes!), review products and discounts. Why not take a look and see how they’re doing?


2 thoughts on “Are You Up For The Zero Waste Challenge?

  1. I love challenges like this. I find them so motivating. My husband an I try very hard to minimize what we throw away. In 2 weeks we have generated only one trash bag worth of refuse and that was not even full!


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