Green People Organic Homme Shave Now Shaving Gel Eco Product Review

Being one of those no shaving people (see my picture), when Male Organics give me shaving products to test, I rope in Jez to give them a go. He was last seen enjoying the Trevarno shaving soap and when the (deep breath) Green People Organic Homme Shave Now shaving gel landed on my doorstep, I gave Jez a call. He loves free stuff does Jez, so off he went and reported back a few weeks later:

Green People shaving gel

“OK, so it says it’s a gel but it’s really more like a cream. As with all gels, it’s a bit messy to apply, seems to get all over your hands and razor and, despite claims to the contrary, it really doesn’t lather up well – if at all. Unlike traditional shaving bowls and soap, you don’t get the feeling that it’s really sinking into the hair or getting in deep enough for a good shave but it’s really not bad at all.

“I deliberately didn’t shave for five days (and I get quite a beard in that time) to really test it out and it was a good, smooth shave with only one little nick which was probably more due to my lack of care than the razor or gel. I wouldn’t say it left me feeling particularly refreshed but then again, I wasn’t rushing to splash freezing cold water on my face.

“Due to the lack of lather, you’ll probably end up using more of this gel than you really need just to feel like you’ve got enough on but all in all, its not a bad shave and it’s enviro credentials are good so give it a try.”

Free from SLS/SLES, artificial fragrances, parabens, ethyl alcohol and unnecessary synthetic ingredients, Green People’s shave gel is full of organic ingredients – well 90% anyway, it’s a bit tricky to get them all certified so they say.

A 125ml tub costs £8.99 from Male Organics.


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