Carnival of the Green #142!

So the Carnival of the Green comes to Life Goggles. Thanks to Enviroblog for hosting last week and you can get next week’s fix at Savvy Vegetarian.

Welcome to both new and regular readers, if you are new to Life Goggles then to sum us up, we basically do what it says along the top: green reviews, news and interviews. If you like what you see, sign up for our free weekly newsletter and/or our RSS feed over there on the right.

Carnival of the Green

Self-promotion over, let’s have a look at the submissions this week. First up is Lovelyn over at The Art of Balanced Living who encourages us to recycle our new compact fluorescent bulbs but makes a good point that it’s quite hard to do in the UK and suggests we should just go to bed when the sun sets. Although that might be a little tough in the winter when it sets at 4pm.

A great thing about doing this carnival is that I’ve rediscovered how huge a subject area being green is. I’d never even thought about whether making voice calls over the internet is greener than traditional telephony. But Jimmy at VoIP Now has done and written a great piece about it. It’s a complex subject which gives you food for thought.

Admirable India has lots of photos and a video of the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore.

If you’re a fan of jam and of strawberries, then Eco Joe has a sugary treat for you over at his blog. The recipe and photos means making your own strawberry jam is easy – just remember to use a very big pan.

Beth from Fake Plastic Fish has found something to help her with her no new plastic and “no ‘poo” rules when washing her hair. Called Product, it’s made from only five natural ingredients, sold in a glass jar, and makes her hair nice and shiny.

David from The Good Human has written a piece comparing a 1987 Honda Civic’s gas mileage to the current model. He explains why gas mileage is worse now and asks us and the the car manufacturers to do better.

The startling fact that UK households throw away 1.3 million unopened yoghurt cartons every day is behind Oliver Moore’s piece on food waste. But it’s not all about the householder. The article explains who is really to blame for all the wasted food.

The next submission comes from Sally at Veggie Revolution. Guest writer Juliane Sloane has written an article on the Olympic Games saying while Beijing is famous for its smog, the Olympic Village itself is actually green.

The Digerati Life has an informative article for those of you who live in areas susceptible to wild fire and for everyone in general to take heed. 15 fire safety tips to protect your life and home includes tips such as checking your smoke alarm regularly and keeping brush away from you house.

Elizabeth from Go Green Travel Green has written a review of the book In Defense of Food. She candidly sums the book up and gives a lot of advice.

Benjamin Dinsmore from Trees Full of Money has summed up his tips to reduce energy at home in a handy post called 36 Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Use. Some may seem pretty obvious but are often overlooked so check it out.

And that’s it, thanks for all the submissions, we enjoyed looking at them all. If you want to host the Carnival of the Green on your site, take a look at TreeHugger for details here.

UPDATE: A bit of a late submission but Mrs Green has an article that’s close to my heart about decluttering books.


8 thoughts on “Carnival of the Green #142!

  1. Oh wow! I expected this to go into next weeks Carnival – that’s so kind of you to include my post 🙂 you work fast!

    There are some great posts here – I loved Oliver Moore’s piece; I’d never come across his blog before. That’s one of the reasons why I love these carnivals so much; it’s a great way to travel the world eco friendly style and meet some new people who share some similar ideas.

    Thanks again,
    Mrs G x


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