Is MoreEco Another Great Way To Get Free Green Stuff?

After doing a review of Green Rewards, I was told of another website called which also aims to reward people doing green shopping by giving them points to amass and then buy more green stuff with.


One way it differs from Green Rewards is that it gives you points for shopping at green stores only, rather than all, or a lot, of your online shopping. Also the rewards include some good stuff like planting a tree with your points.

I’ll investigate further and let you know how I find it. Also if you’re not reading enough at the moment, there’s a pretty cool blog with some interesting stuff on there. Called BeMoreEco, it contains some fun bits and pieces.


6 thoughts on “Is MoreEco Another Great Way To Get Free Green Stuff?

  1. After thinking long and hard during the current economic climate, the team MoreEco decided they needed to give its members more incentive to shop, whilst at the same time helping you to save money on your shopping.

    Therefore they scrapped the ’shopping for points’ system replacing it with the much more favourable ‘cash back’.

    It’s simple… for every purchase you make, you earn cash back!


  2. it’s good to hear that you have changed the way you operate at moreEco to a way the people would find more appealing. i’m a regular shopper for my cleaning business ( but it’s expensive for me as i’m paying full retail prices, so an 8% saving it great news. maybe one day my eco-shop will be listed on your wonderful site.


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