Quick Tip Of The Day – Is Your Fridge / Freezer Running Well?

A reader (thanks Mathew! That’s not him pictured by the way.) sent us this little story a while back that I thought might be of interest to you all:

“Today my fridge/freezer packed up. Well, actually it is my landlord’s, so I did not get the back off of it straight away. I called the support line and they said that they could get the engineer out for £100. I told my landlord and he said he would handle it. I knew what this meant – a long time with warm beer! I decided to get the back off and see what was wrong. There was a huge ‘cat size’ quantity of fluff blocking the vent that had accrued over seven years or so. I removed this et voila! Fridge/freezer sprang back into life. Within minutes everything was tickety-boo. The only downside was that the compressor was no longer muffled as much as it used to be, hence more noise in the kitchen.

Lesson learned? Pull the fridge/freezer out and remove whatever fluff there is. The machine works more efficiently thereafter, therefore saving electricity. I advise you and all of your readers to do likewise, who knows it could be warm beer for you too if you don’t take the same precautions.”

And no-one likes warm beer do they? Another couple of tips he suggested were getting rid of any ice build-ups (sounds like a job for a quiet Sunday afternoon), and also checking the seal around the door is working properly. You shouldn’t be able to slid a piece of paper between the seal and the fridge or freezer.


4 thoughts on “Quick Tip Of The Day – Is Your Fridge / Freezer Running Well?

  1. Hmmmm, I enjoyed your tale of avoiding warm beer. Obviously a cause close to our hearts. With appliances like fridgefreezers it is important to make sure that all is running smoothly because it is one of the few household appliances that we rarely turn off. The following tips will help the efficient running of the appliance;
    Defrost regularly
    Site the appliance out of the sun and away from any external heat sources
    Check the seal around the door is airtight
    Make sure to open the door only when you need to
    Vacuum the grills at the back of the appliance to remove dust/hair.
    If only Mathew had know these tips before he would not have had the worry of warm beer, not that we had much of a summer to heat it up!


  2. Just thought I would ad, for most Sub Zero owners the coil to clean is located at the top. Get a step ladder and remove the top grill cover. Turn off refrigerator. Look to the right towards the back at a square dust box. Get vacuum and brush up and down, not side ways and remove the “fluff”


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