ACME Climate Action Book Review

I’ve briefly written about the ACME Climate Action book before and have included the video again at the end of this post. The book is available to buy from today (1 September 2008) and costs £15. As there’s the video and the website to explain what the book is about, I thought I’d write down my thoughts in bullet points for a change. Here we go:

  • Written by a guy called Joshua Blackburn and designed by his strategic communications agency, Provokateur, the book is a little different from the ordinary. Designed to be ripped up, pulled apart and given to friends it makes a big change in not only book design but also the way of getting an environmental message across.
  • It really is a change to read a book like this. The inside cover not only welcomes you to the book but encourages you to rip off the front and back covers, get the scissors out and make the covers into a photo frame. This book is going to be something different…
ACME Climate Action
  • The next page is actually about eight pages put together in a little booklet for you to rip out. Brilliantly designed, retro and modern at the same time, it’s easy to see it as a gimmick. But if you actually read this booklet you’ll realise while it’s still lighthearted, there’s a serious message and there are serious points it’s trying to get across.
  • Then the next pages are made up of stickers, games, postcards, things to go in your wallet, posters and much more. It’s hard to review this as a normal book, it’s not. It’s a call to action. You can’t really read it without doing something. It draws you in and gets you involved, even if it is only to put a sticker on the kettle to remind the missus not to overfill it.
  • I find myself showing friends the book when they come round and give them a part of it to take home with them. It’s almost a shame to rip it apart as I like the book so much, but it’s actually quite fun once you start.
  • Getting everyone involved is part of the theory behind this book and it works wonderfully. I really am in love with this book, it makes some great points along the way too. Grab a copy online at places like Amazon and Play, or it will be available in most bookshops in the UK after today.

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