The Wholeleaf Co. Palm Leaf Plates Eco Product Review

We’ve tested different disposable plates on Life Goggles before – the ones made from potatos which Kev looked at and ones made from sal and siali leaves that I looked at. So when I was given some made from the Areca palm tree I jumped at the chance to test them.

Palm plates

Made by the Wholeleaf Company, the plates are made in southern India from leaves that have naturally fallen to the ground. Usually these sheaths are burned, fed to animals or composted. The Wholeleaf Co turn them into plates and bowls by soaking the leaves in local spring water, and hot stamping them with a mould by hand to make the plate and then cutting away the rough edges. The heat also sterilises the plates. And that’s it. They are produced by marginalise rural people and claim that if all the fallen leaves were used in this way they would employ 300,000 people!

But how do they work? Very well is the answer. I would have thought being made out of wood that some juice of my dinner would seep through but no, they’re well sealed and not even that easy to cut with a normal knife.

Palm plates 2

As you can see from the picture they’re strong too, although maybe if I’d had another orange I may have caused a problem, but they’d be perfect for a barbeque or a buffet where holding the plate with one hand is needed. Also you can see how different each one looks, I think that’s part of the charm.

Although they’re a disposable product – just put them on the compost heap when you’re finished – I did try and wash one. A quick wipe and you can use them again, but soak one and it loses shape.

The Wholeleaf Co. supplied the BBC Good Food Show this year and have a huge range of products – bowls, dishes, plates and so on, take a look at the website for more details. Or go to Nigel’s Eco Store where they’re £11.75 for a set of 25 plates, they have bowls too.


17 thoughts on “The Wholeleaf Co. Palm Leaf Plates Eco Product Review

  1. Hello,

    Yes these plates are fantastic – great for that quirky look to a party or event. Just to let you know that a company called Biopac (UK) Ltd also sell these palm products. They sell them in larger quantities so they come out slightly cheaper. Great for events, weddings etc!


  2. I have used these products from espressopackaging2go and they are great they sell them in packs of 25 and cases of 100 and the cases are the same price as what the wholeleaf are selling 25 for.

    I don’t know why?


    “if its not broke don’t fix it”


  3. I wish i knew that espresso packaging 2 go were cheaper before I brought them else where!

    Does anyone know why they are so cheap or why the rest are so expensive?

    Or are the rest of them just ripping people off in the name of saving the environment


  4. Hi im one third of The Whole Leaf Co. Adam thanks for the great review!! im glad you like the product. Now just to answer some of the questions regarding our pricing. Firstly we do not produce these plates, we buy them for a fair price from co-ops based in rural villages. Secondly the prices for wholesale(more than a 100) are cheaper. We at The Whole Leaf Co. are trying our best to try and get our prices much lower but without it affecting the people who produce the product. If anyone has queires or even wants samples of our products please feel free to contact me on or visit us on

    also just to let people know we will be selling our products through Oxfam around Feb which is great for us as it is a great organisation to be associated with and we are honoured.

    Peter George


  5. Just wanted to say that Green Gate Bio Packaging sells high quality biodegradable and compostable fibre plates and bowls made from waste sugar cane pulp. They’re not quite as sturdy as the palm leaf plates but they’re much cheaper and a great eco alternative to paper plates.


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