Simply Soaps Herbal Deli Aftershave Balm Eco Product Review

My friend Jez loves a shave. To be fair he grows a beard in about 15 seconds so it’s either enjoying it or grow a beard. As I went down the route of growning a beard, he’s kindly agreed to test out this Simply Soaps Herbal Deli Aftershave Balm from Male Organics for me. After using the Green People Organic shave gel he set about soothing his newly-scraped chin:

” It’s great looking little pot that’s like the tardis. When I first picked this up, I thought it wouldn’t last five minutes but, as with the old adage, a little goes a long way. It’s smells great, feels really nice on your face and doesn’t feel like you’ve just been slimed.

Simply Soaps aftershave balm

“I’ve used aftershave balm before and can’t say I was blown away – it’s nice to have something refreshing after shaving but I haven’t rushed to buy it before. This product leaves your face feeling very clean, fresh and, after you’ve applied it, you don’t feel like you have to rush to find a cloth or the nearest pair of jeans to wipe any sticky residue or grease off your hands.

“The small, 15ml tub is acrually a handy size pot that travels well, it certainly won’t take up loads of room in your washbag. It’s nice to see a manufacturer producing something simple, without branding and plastic everywhere. Small and functional with minimal packaging is just what’s needed and, since it’s glass, easily recyclable.

“If you read this review, buy the product but don’t like it, well hell, send it to me!”

Simply Soaps Herbal Deli Aftershave Balm from Male Organics costs £3.95 for 15ml or £7.95 for 60ml.


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