Green Videos At Go Green Tube

Here at Life Goggles we’re fans of green videos, and do many for our product reviews. You can see them rotating on the bottom right of our homepage.

Now there is a home for purely green videos called Go Green Tube. It strives to be the destination for the world to share and view “Green” online videos that help provide important information about our environment, green technologies, innovations, products, and services so we as governments, corporations, organizations or individuals can “Go Green” using the most effective means possible.

Go Green Tube

What makes the site different is that for each video that is watched by a Go Green Tube community member, Go Green Tube offsets one pound of carbon through Carbon Fund. They have also partnered with National Wildlife Federation for their Global Warming Solutions Video Contest and they are looking for the best videos of global warming solutions on campus. National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program’s Chill Out competition is in its third year of awarding and recognizing all the cool things students, faculty and staff are doing to reduce the impacts of global warming.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to create a three minute creative video about what they, their school, or their campus group is doing or could do to reduce the impacts of global warming. Campus groups are eligible to win grant funding and the opportunity to be featured in Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming, a nationwide multi-media broadcast in April 2009. The competition begins September 1st and the deadline for entries is November 30, 2008.

The site seems to be a great addition to the video sharing websites out there, and the green focus definitely makes it interesting. We’ve only just started adding videos to their site but you can see all Life Goggles’ Go Green Tube videos here.


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