Organic Cotton String Bag Eco Product Review

Going organic and being environmentally friendly can be seen to be going back in time before all the chemical fertilisers and modern equipment we use now. These organic string bags from Natural Collection demonstrate that in vivid colour. My parents (well, my mum) were using these bags back in the 1960s to carry their weekly shopping home from the local grocers, butchers and bakers.

String bags

You can get them in normal string colour but I like the bright bags. Made from 100% organic cotton, it’s tough to measure them as they’re so stretchy, but they’re around 30cm in width and depth. Unless you pull them and one way goes longer and the other shorter. The real test comes when you put your shopping in and they hold a huge amount. Seriously you can keep stuffing oranges in there until you get tired. It also seems to try and tell me to eat healthily too as putting a rectangular ready meal in tends to get caught up in the string a bit and can be awkward to fit other stuff around – I got the message and went to get some apples.

And they fold up nicely too, well less of a fold, more of a stuff in the pocket, but they’re great and I like the retro feel to them. I’ve used them for a few weeks now and there doesn’t seem to be any wear or tear so hopefully will last a long time. For one of the coloured ones it’s £4.50 at Natural Collection, £12.50 for the three colours which I’ve got, or you can go simple and get the plain ones – £3.95 for one and £6.95 for two. Marvellous.

Plain bag

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