The Great Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Review

The Great Bag is another addition to our reusable comparison chart. And what an addition it is.

More expensive than some other reusable shopping bags at $19.99, The Great Bag proves to be worth the price. Made from 100% quilters quality cotton (which apparently has a higher thread count and increased durability – I’m not sure if it’s organic though), the bag is strong enough to carry up to 40 lbs. The 18″ handles make the bag easy to carry over the shoulder.

What the picture won’t tell you is how soft the cotton is. It feels high quality and it is, hand made in the USA. A nice feature are the three hooks is has, made to fit in US grocery stores bag holders to make it easier to fill up. At 13″ high, 11″ wide and 7″ deep it still folds up neatly but can carry a lot of shopping.

There are a variety of bags designs available and being handmade look great. They’re available from The Great Bag.

To compare bags, check out the other bags in our reusable comparison chart.


5 thoughts on “The Great Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Review

  1. I like your reviews, but i see you missed Tuckerbags. Great designs and the extra pockets are great when shopping. This bag also tucks back into an attached pouch so no need to fold. They are also the best priced designer bags I have found. Bangalla sells the full range of TuckerBags and also has cute eco-friendly infant and toddler shoes.


  2. If you want to see a really unique and different shopping bag look at the website These bags are sturdy cotton canvas and made in Bali using fair trade and cottage industry.
    The design is unique. It zips up into itself and can just be tossed in your purse to use anytime you need it on the spur of the moment.
    Also, the cotton canvas just feels sturdier than all the nylon bags out there and the bag is just as compact. I and all my friends love them.


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