Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 5

You can read the previous editions here: one, two, three and four.

Thing That Make You Go Green is a site that is dedicated to chronicling the progress of a few ordinary folks called JB, Paul, and Hendrick, as they try to go green. I liked the style of the site such as global warming will make you less fat, and how, in their opinion Best Buy should be ashamed of itself.

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This month I also liked Green Me’s Ecological Cooking book review which has a few recipes I might try.

Reader, friend and contributor Trisha sent us this site about Hypermiling. That is “a method of increasing your car’s gas mileage by making skillful changes in the way you drive, allowing you to save gas and thereby have an easier time withstanding the rising oil and gas prices”

Billy Warden sent us an email about his Greening the Generations blog. He spent a decade contributing to L.A.’s smog and now he’s trying to raise a green family in Raleigh, NC. He shows helpful green discoveries, such as this one focusing on sexy summer sustainability.

Swap Tree was another site sent to us, that like the much missed Swango allows users to swap books, CDs, DVDs and video games for free. All users have to pay is the shipping and handling cost. It’s actually pretty cool, and shows you what you can swap for your unwanted stuff, or what you need to offer in order to get that wanted item. I hope to have given it a trial run by the time you read this.

Real World Green is a new site from For Your Imagination. It’s a new video series that are a collection of tips that, being followed, will make apparently your life style more environmentally friendly. Some interesting videos are available, such as “donuts are not green”, and “how to green your dishwasher”.

Greenzer is a new shopping portal site that is exclusively for “green” products, offering people the chance to shop at online merchants including Patagonia, Zappos, eBags and GAIAM. Products are offered across ten categories, and must meet a minimum green requirement. When I asked what this requirement was, their answer was “ decides if a product meets the requirement for the site by judging a product’s overall impact on the environment (i.e. does it run on rechargeable batteries?), its green attributes (is it made from recycled materials? Does it use organically grown materials?), green labels/certifications and the manufacturer’s overall green practices”. Not a bad idea, I like parts of it such as the water bottle cost comparison

Marilyn, from the excellent Intelligent Travel blog sent us this link from The Green Guide on how hair clippings can be used to remove oil spills.

Finally Greener Cars is a very handy guide for comparing the “greenness” of vehicles. It’s the official website for ACEEE’s Green Book is a unique consumer resource providing Green Scores rating the environmental friendliness of every vehicle on market.

If you have an interesting site you would like to be featured here, just let us know.


2 thoughts on “Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 5

  1. Hey thanks for telling people about Real World Green!

    Real World Green was created and is produced by me, ( Eric Rochow ) and is distributed by For Your Imagination.

    Real World Green is all about ‘practical’ . Each week’s show is about a simple way to make your life a bit greener in a pragmatic way.

    We don’t talk about doing yoga or channeling your aura to a greener lifestyle. Real World Green is for people like me, the tool belt crowd.

    Check it out, you might like, even if you do do yoga. thx, eric.


  2. Thanks for the link love! I always love your posts and am honored to get noted 😉

    As for donuts not being green — we’ve got a local guy in Longmont, CO making organic donuts at the Farmer’s Market each week…goodness has his stand been popular!


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