VerTerra Natural Dinnerware Eco Product Review

VerTerra dinnerware are plates, bowls and platters that are made from 100% fallen leaves.

No glue, chemicals, varnishes, or bonding agents are used. The plates go through three levels of sterlization: steaming; high-pressure spraying; and UV sterilizing (while recapturing at least 80% of the water) and then are heated in an oven. It has taken them two years to perfect a safe product.

I’ve embedded a video below to show the plates in more details. If you’re reading from RSS and can’t see the video, please click here.

Each piece is made from 100% renewable and compostable plant matter and water. You can even use it to reheat in the microwave, bake in the oven, or cool in the fridge. The plates were really strong when I tested, destroying them took a lot more effort than paper or plastic. They worked well when wet and can simply be dried off and used again with no ill effects.

They are made in South Asia, and the leaves will biodegrade when composted in about 2 – 3 months. Check out their products at the VerTerra website.


3 thoughts on “VerTerra Natural Dinnerware Eco Product Review

  1. Thanks Joel, what a thorough review! I work for Verterra, and am glad to see them put to such thorough testing. An interesting fact to mention here is that despite the extensive careful processing you describe above, the factory uses slightly more energy then your average NYC apartment. And the CEO was there this summer, further improving the process.

    If anybody has questions about the plates, I’d be happy to answer. I’ll track this article, so whenever you have a question, even months from now, I’ll see it.


  2. Thats a really impressive product! Im really interested in what countries you can buy those! Can you get them anywhere in Europe?

    Thanks in advance!


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