Vivo Barefoot Shoes Eco Product Review

More and more people are looking for ethical footwear and also ones made out of recycled material. The pair I own that meet that criteria are the Vivo Barefoot Dharma. I got mine from Male Organics although made by Terra Plana they’re widely available.

The thing about them isn’t just they’re made from as much recycled materials as possible or its eco-design, but these shoes are meant to mimic walking barefoot. Hmmm doesn’t sound good for you? Well according to Terra Plana it is. In fact it’ll improve your posture and strengthen your feet which have been protected by traditional shoes.

Vivo Barefoot

Saying that, they do take some getting used to. The soles seem very thin and you feel every stone. But they are puncture resistant and don’t seem to get worn down very quickly at all. After a few test walks where I was unsure, but I gradually got used to wearing them and like them a lot. Supposedly they’re ideal for playing sport in, but maybe not the Dharma, there are other shoes in the range which are probably more suitable.

I was a little worried about them starting to smell as I don’t wear socks but they are treated with an anti-bacterial lining and seem fine so far. They’re pretty unusual too so I get lots of nice comments and my next footwear purchase will definitely be an eco one.


10 thoughts on “Vivo Barefoot Shoes Eco Product Review

  1. Hello. First I’ll just say that I too have indulged in a pair of terra plana shoes and I love feeling “every stone,” I often imagine that hiking and walking have a reflexiological affect and massage my organs via my feet!

    So in a world where “we” often orient ourselves toward “customer satisfaction” aka the “needs” of the consumer are held as paramount whether or not workers are paid a true living wage. This is a tough question as to survive and please the consuming world can be quite expensive and quite intoxicating for those involved. Who made my shoes is really what I want to know and do they feel some satisfaction and appreciation for their work?


  2. I’ve been wearing some barefoot shoes called Vibram FiveFingers for around 6 months and was looking for some more barefoot shoes that can be worn on an every day basis. I think Vivo Barefoot are just what i’m looking for. The fact that they are eco friendly is a huge bonus! Thanks for pointing that out, i wasn’t aware of it!


  3. I just received mine today. Strangely enough, I don’t like them because they seem to have *way too much* cushioning, especially in the forefoot where it feels even thicker! I guess I’ll just have to keep looking. 😦


  4. hey guys, quick question. is there any size difference that i should be wary of? i wear about a US10, so the EU43 should be my size, right?


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