34 Different Recycling Boxes!

Some people find it difficult to recycle with only a mixed recycling box, never mind 34 different ones. Yes, that’s right, Kamikatsu, a town on Shikoku Island in eastern Japan, requires it’s residents to sort their recycling out into 34 different types. Watch the short BBC News video below for more info (if you can’t see it please go here). Whilst I applaud efforts for more recycling, this might just result in more illegal dumping (called “fly-tipping” in the UK). What do you think?

[Via: My Zero Waste]


3 thoughts on “34 Different Recycling Boxes!

  1. Sadly I agree that more fly tipping might be on the agenda for such a venture in this country. But imagine what a country we would live in IF people could follow a similar system to the one in Kamikatsu!

    It’s all down to habits. We’re entrenched in the things we have been doing for the past goodness knows how many years, and, as a culture we resist change.

    But small habits put into place gradually can become new habits and it feels so good when you finally get something in place that you know benefits the environment.


  2. I think that it’s a good idea, that works in small towns and villages, but it would not work in a large town in Britain, because people are to ignorant. And it’s a bit of a annoyance because in my town we have 1 bin for recycling, 1 for normal non-recyclable waste and 2 small ikea like bags for garden trimmings, also we have a recycling center for larger objects.
    It just wouldn’t work well here, I don’t know about everywhere else, but it certainly wouldn’t work around here


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