Free Green TV

We’ve previously talked about Joost (Aka The Venice Project) that is an free Internet television application with over 20,000 shows which also allows viewers to instant message, channel chat and share their favorite television shows.

What we haven’t really talked about is the green and environmental shows that are available.

Joost Internet TV

National Geographic Green Channel – Presents quality programming with ecological and conscious messages about the environment.

Green TV – A web TV channel dedicated to the environment. The aim of is to raise awareness of environmental issues, especially climate change.

e² Design:The Green Apple – The first episode begins in New York, a city that is leading the charge to green its industrial skyline with several groundbreaking projects. New York combats the urban myth of the bustling city as a “concrete jungle.”

Joost is a great free service and some of the excellent green programming is sure to take up some of the time that would have been otherwise spent watching Yoga 4 Dudes. Not that I’ve seen that of course.


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