$25k For Your Green Video!

Fancy earning/winning $25,000 for making a video? The X Prize Foundation have announced a new initiative that you may be interested in. They currently offer prizes of $10 million or more for major breakthroughs that have the potential to benefit humanity, such as the Progressive Auto X Prize that is offering $10 million for cars that are super-efficient (100mpg+ or the energy equivalent), clean and attractive.

They are going to pay $25,000 for the best green breakthrough that “would be worthy of a $10 million prize”. All you have to do is make a video a video explaining your prize idea and submit it to the X Prize Foundation channel on www.youtube.com/xprize.

You have to answer three questions: What is the worldwide problem that you are trying to solve? What is the specific prize idea, with rules and judging criteria? How will it benefit humanity?

More details can be found on the video on the X-Prize Youtube page (I couldn’t embed it here, the scoundrels). Ideas have to be in by October 31st and the winner announced on November 15th. Good luck!


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