Buy A Book And Get A Tree Planted

It sounds so simple, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done before. Raz Godelnik, founder of Eco-Libris has told me how he’s joined up with author Tania Hershman and Salt Publishing in the UK to plant a tree for every copy of Tania’s new book.

The White Road and other Stories is a collection of stories inspired by real science articles and then taken further with a ‘what if?’ twist. Teaming up with Eco-Libris means the book is the first in the UK to be balanced out by having a tree planted for every copy printed – that’s right, not ‘sold’ but ‘printed’ meaning every copy will be balanced out.

All a good idea I think. You can find out more at Eco-Libris.


4 thoughts on “Buy A Book And Get A Tree Planted

  1. Hello, thanks so much for giving my book a mention. I am thrilled to be pairing up with Eco-libris – this book is my dream come true, but knowing that a tree is being planted for every copy makes me feel much better about all the paper that has gone into its publication. Here’s wishing Eco-libris much success in its endeavours!


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