Optima Aloe Dent Toothpaste Eco Product Review

I’m slightly ashamed of it, but I love toothpaste with stripes in. It must be something to do with the child in me but for some reason I find it quite exciting and clever and even explaining how it’s done won’t change that for me. So it’s a bit of a wrench to try and get me away from it but when Male Organics sent me some Optima Aloe Dent toothpaste to try, I thought I’d give it a go to keep in the spirit of things.

As the name suggests, it’s made with aloe vera and claims it “cleans, protects, whitens – naturally”. Reading the ingredients, everything, even the chemical sounding names, seem to be planet derived and has co-enzyme Q10 for healthy gums, although I have no idea what that is.

Aloe Dent toothpaste

I expected it to taste horrible to be honest, but it’s not bad at all. With it containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, chitosan, silica, horse chestnut and more it’s no wonder I expected it to be bad, but the peppermint and menthol helps it out as it doesn’t taste too different from regular toothpaste without the strips and other bits they add.

The only thing I’m a bit suspicious of is the lack of fluoride. I know they’re using natural ingredients instead but I’ve been brought up with fluoride being added to toothpaste and water so it must do something. However if I can get away with it I will and going into a pharmacy/drugstore they actually sell non-fluoride toothpaste for people who have to avoid it and children, so maybe it can be harmful. More research is need I think.

If you want to make your own mind up. A 100ml tube is £3.49 from Male Organics. Also it’s not suitable for vegetarians due “to inclusion of marine source ingredient”.


8 thoughts on “Optima Aloe Dent Toothpaste Eco Product Review

  1. Cool review. I really want to buy some organic toothpaste, but I have not yet made the plunge. I really do need to try one because I hate all the crap that is in toothpaste and want to begin using something more natural.


  2. im a medical rep. working for AloeDent in saudi arabia, i used it personal and i found it super excellent paste and M.W., and the most important that is the feed back from dentists .honestly more than 99% of them are very interested in it and they give it the priority against all pastses and M.W here.

    mohamed hussein


  3. I started using this tootpaste a while back BECAUSE I was looking for a non-fluoride alternative.


    The fluoride chemical added to water is an unprocessed, industrial waste-product from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Sodium Fluoride is potentially toxic to kidneys, lungs, the nervous system, heart, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, bones, teeth.

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