Bulldog Face Scrub Original Eco Product Review

I like a good face scrub, I think it’s to do with having a beard/stubble which means I like to get in between all those tricky hairs and get the dirt out. Bulldog’s original face scrub is free from parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. As I’ve mentioned in other Bulldog reviews (go to our reviews page to see the others) a good thing about Bulldog is that you can go on its website and download a pdf of all the ingredients.

Bulldog face scrub

The face scrub also contains shea butter and rosehip oil to moisturise and the smell is dominated by the shea butter, which isn’t a bad thing. It comes is a small 100ml tube but you only need a small amount to spread around your face. In fact if you use too much it does take a hell of a lot of washing to get it off, but that makes me think it’s doing its job so that’s okay.

It’s also quite thick compared to other face scrubs I’ve used, but then again I like that and it works very well. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and am enjoying it, there’s also quite a lot left too so it should last me a while.

Bulldog original face scrub costs around £4.50 for 100ml and is available in the UK from places like Waitrose, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams. Check our www.meetthebulldog.com for more details.


One thought on “Bulldog Face Scrub Original Eco Product Review

  1. You should try the Rooibos Face Scrub from the Made from Earth product line….here’s what it did for me:
    I used to have acne in junior and high school, but 10 years after graduation I didn’t think it would come back just because I got pregnant. I sure was WRONG! My acne first trimester was so horrible even my husband couldn’t deny it any longer. I wish I could say that the Made from Earth Rooibos Face scrub is a miricle product and it cleared up my acne completely and immediately, but the truth is that is took a few weeks and it cleared about 50% in the first couple of weeks. But after months of NOTHING working I was very pleased!
    I’ve bought another jar after my first one ran out and though my skin is better – MUCH BETTER. It is very gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin in any way whatsoever – which i think is what was causing my breakouts – because I have VERY sensitive skin. Plus–it’s the only safe acne wash I’ve found that actually has acne fighting ingredients. Highly recommended!


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