St Peter’s Organic Ale Eco Product Review

It’s a tough life being sent beer to test but someone’s got to do it. St Peter’s Brewery is based in a medieval hall in Suffolk and has been brewing for 700 years. The brewery sent me a case of St Peter’s Organic Ale to review.

And what a treat it was. I’ve been drinking ale for years now but recently have taken to lager and even cider in the summer. But this was a delightful way to return to drinking ale. Certified organic by the Soil Association, the ale is quite light with almost no head when poured from the retro bottle. The bottle top has a nice logo of a bird and a key for some reason.

St Peter's Organic Ale

I served it chilled as that’s how I like my beer and it tasted better that way when I tried another bottle warm afterwards. As you can tell it’s quite moreish and I found the first bottle slipping down easily. Not being an expert on beer tasting I can’t tell you what it tasted of really, it was very smooth with little aftertaste (it’s meant to have a citrus aftertaste but I didn’t notice it, maybe because it was cold) and went down a treat.

It’s very light and I didn’t feel at all full afterwards making it fine to eat at the same time. The alcohol content is 4.5% too so it’s not going to blow your head off.

You can buy a case (12 bottles of 500ml each) of St Peter’s Organic Ale for £22 (or cheaper sometimes) from the brewery’s website or from the supermarket.


4 thoughts on “St Peter’s Organic Ale Eco Product Review

  1. Adam – The bird and key I think have some reference to St. Peter (having been provided the “keys” to heaven by Jesus). I suppose that scraggly bird has swallowed the key, don’t know why. I’m wondering if the icon is found on the grounds of the brewery. Anybody? I get the “fisher of men” suggested by the S and t of St. Peter on the label.

    I have recently enjoyed this little gem of an ale while making bread in my kitchen. I will come from New Mexico some day to visit Suffolk and get all my questions answered.


  2. Thank you so much for mentioning that you liked it better chilled than warm. I saw this beer in a specialty store and was thinking about buying a bottle but wanted to know first if it is meant to be served warm or chilled. I consulted Google and this is the twelfth website I have checked and the first to mention temperature.


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