Stone Glow Natural Pillar Candle Eco Product Review

I’m a big fan of candles for some reason. In fact I’m fascinated by fire I think and a candle is just a small version for me to play with. I have lots around the house and I was very excited when the Scented Candle Shop asked me to review a candle for them.

The Stone Glow Wild Clematis arrived packaged in bubble wrap which was a bit of a disappointment but I’ll reuse it. However the strong smell coming through the wrapping made up for it and once I opened it all up I was excited to burn it. Strange I know but as I said I like to burn candles and I even read with candlelight sometimes, it gives off a much better light than bulbs in my opinion.

Stone Glow candle

As the candle is made in the UK from 100% natural (vegetable) wax the instructions say not to burn it for more than five hours at a time, presumably as the wax may run more than artificial candles. On the first burn five hours didn’t even get to the edge of the candle – a good sign for a long burn time. It says it will last 35-40 hours in fact.

Also the candle still smells nice when it’s lit. It’s not overpowering but the room smelt nice when it was lit which doesn’t always happen with other ‘smelly’ candles. I’ve been really pleased with it and it gives off a nice glow as well as smell.

The Stone Glow Natural Pillar Candle costs £9.99 from Scented Candle Shop with free delivery.


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