Sign A Petition Against Excess Packaging

In doing reviews for Life Goggles I receive a lot of things through the post and it even if the product is brilliant it will sometimes be wrapped in a stupid amount of packaging, some of which can’t be recycled. Greenvoicecom is asking you to sign a petition against excess packaging and force companies to be responsible.

As well as the fun little video below, they also provided us with a couple of fun packaging facts:
– The UK produces enough packaging waste in one year to fill Wembley Stadium almost nine times over.
– Each person in the UK spends about £125 on packaging a year.
– Even though the general public are encouraged to recycle, businesses, who contribute about 90% of all waste, are asked to do nothing.

A spokesperson for says: “Despite all of our efforts, domestic waste generated has still gone up 20% over the last ten years, so it is time for the business sector to act as well.” You can sign the petition by clicking here.


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