Teaching Kids To Cook With Organic Ingredients

Handstand Kids cookbooks offer kids a fun, hands-on learning experience, while getting them excited about the world in which they live, and they do it with organic ingredients. Each cookbook introduces kid chefs to one country and comes with a delightful cooking accessory. The first book in this series journeys to Italy and comes complete with a chef’s hat, packaged together in a pizza box. The second, about Mexico, is in a tortilla bag along with an oven mitt, and has been named Toy Directory’s Top Toy of 2008.

As well as buying the book, there are now also Handstand Kids Cooking Classes that offer kid chefs a “hands-on, yummy cooking experience”. Each class uses organic ingredients to make healthy & delicious foods from around the world, along with holiday treats to share with the family!

If you order a cookbook in October (i.e the next couple of days – sorry about the late notice!) from the Handstand Kids website ($28) you will also receive a new eco-friendly child’s reusable shopping bag for FREE that you can use for grocery shopping (an $8 value).


7 thoughts on “Teaching Kids To Cook With Organic Ingredients

  1. Not only is the idea of cooking with kids a great one, but teaching them about organic and natural products is another huge plus. If you start with kids at an early age, we can really make a difference on the next generation’s outlook on natural foods.


  2. I agree completely with pays to live green. I think that getting kids thinking about using natural, healthy, and organic products early will help them to maintain that lifestyle later on.


  3. Just like The Best Green Stories said…”Get’em started early”. It’s a perfect thing for kids because as their growing they want to know everything in the world. What better way to let them know if their doing their part now it will benefit them in the future. Thanks for the post; I’ll be going to the Handstand website after I forward this.


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