Bulldog Face Wash Sensitive Eco Product Review

I reviewed Bulldog’s original face scrub recently and liked it a lot. This face wash is the company’s sensitive version of its regular face wash which I haven’t tried before but I usually go for sensitive versions.

Bulldog face wash

As with all Bulldog’s products, it’s free from parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances and to be honest it doesn’t smell of much at all which was a disappointment – I need something to wake me up in the morning.

Despite this it’s still a pretty good product, cleans well and I like its eco-credentials. If I was given a choice between this and the face scrub, I’d go for that but if you prefer a smoother face wash then this will be for you. I did feel it worked well and my face was left clean afterwards, I just wasn’t that excited by it. It’s the same price as the scrub, around £4.50 but you get a bit more – 175ml. Go to www.meetthebulldog.com to find stockists. There’s also an informative video on the website which I’ve posted below or go here.


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