Starter For Change Kit Eco Product Review

Working on Life Goggles I get to review some cool stuff. Some mundane, but useful stuff too, and then some really cool stuff. The Starter For Change Kit is definitely the latter and was a joy to look at, review, and use.

Essentially a box containing wonders, the kit is intended to educate, motivate and activate change. Containing eight “actions” the box is stunningly created and presented, setting a precedent for other “go green kits” to match.

Coming with a booklet explaining the actions the box contains, the eight are:

This is a seedling from the Arbor Day Foundation who try to help people enjoy and celebrate plants and trees. It will be planted in my new garden soon, though the Blue Spruce I got is only suitable for zones 2 – 8. I’m in 23, hmmm….

Simply a nicely wrapped pre-paid envelope addressed and stamped to four star charity, in my case Action Against Hunger.

It is a little pack of Sudokou puzzles, and a recycled pencil. Puzzling in itself at first, the point is regarding Alzheimer’s disease and how studies have shown that Sudoku triggers survival genes that make brain cells live longer ans resist disease, strokes and the effect of drugs.

Be Grateful
A couple of nice thank you (or gratitude) cards. it not only makes them feel good but you too!

What else? A compact fluorescent bulb that uses on third of the energy of a standard incandescent bulb and lasts 10 times longer.

A wonderful little notebook handmade using shavings from the lokta bush so no trees are cut down. Intended as a journal to help you organize your thoughts and ideas, it looks cool too.

Be Fair
A tin of organic, fair trade cocoa mix to help you relax and think about where you buy your products from.

Re Use
Probably the nicest looking tote bag I’ve got. Made from recycled materials, no two are the same, very cool.

They took great care to not only present everything nicely but make sure the contents and packaging are eco-friendly, even the tags are made from lokta paper embedded with flower seeds and can actually be planted.

They sell a few of the contents separately as well, but the kit is $40 from Starter For Change and would make a fantastic gift, so please take a look.


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