Bring Your Bag Eco Product Review

Bring Your Own Bag is a branded, re-usable bag program designed to help the environment by reducing plastic bag use. The bags are available through retailers and also for companies to buy and brand, and either offer to their customers, or use for promotions.

Made in a variety of colors, and styles they are also made from many materials including non woven
polypropylene, woven polypropylene, post consumer polyester, organic cotton, hemp, jute, linen, and
bamboo. The bags are the type that lay flat but are sturdy when upright. They hold about the same as three traditional US grocery bags (which are smaller than European ones), and are solid and strong.

Bring Your Own Bags

I got sent four bags, a traditional large bag with a removal card bottom for strength, a wine carrier, a foil lined cooler bag that was zipped at the top, and another bag with a small zipped inner pocket. All were strong, the wine carrier easily coping with 6 bottles of my wife’s finest vintage. Easy to store and pretty handy the only downside is they cannot be easily folded small enough to be kept in a purse, but many bags aren’t.

Take a look at Bring Your Own Bag, plus they have a blog too.


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