Have A Green Thanksgiving

As this year will be my first real US Thanksgiving as a US resident, I found this interesting article from Ecologue aimed at “Greening up your Thanksgiving.”

An example tip is about decorating for the Thanksgiving feast:

Thanksgiving Turkey

“All flowers remind us of nature’s bounty, but not all flower companies are created eco-equal — most spray their crops with heavy loads of pesticides or ship their beauties in from far away countries. The nasty chemicals probably won’t end up in your digestive system — though carnations and chrysanthemums are tasty — but they will end up polluting soil and water. Turn over a new rose petal this year, and order a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece or edible cornucopia platter from Organic Bouquet. They often pledge part of their profits to organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, and send your flowers in biodegradable, corn-based flower sleeves.”

Read the rest at: Ecologue.


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