Brakspear Oxford Gold Organic Beer Eco Product Review

While I don’t think I’m going to get better than the St Peter’s Organic Ale I recently tested, I’m up for trying. Vintage Roots sent me another beer to test, Brakspear Oxford Gold Organic Beer.

Contained in a nice bottle with a little beer logo which is also on the bottle top, Oxford Gold is brewed using Target and Golding hops to give it a fruity flavour. It has a history of winning awards, it won an Organic Food award in 2003 and has the Soil Association Organic Standard logo too.

Brakspear Oxford Gold

I loved taking the top of the bottle off, it popped off with a fizz, but I was slightly worried it might be gassy. It wasn’t however, compared to the other ales I tried it was actually heavier and more full-bodied which was a nice change but I prefer a lighter ale personally. And there was a little aftertaste, but not a bad one, I would say it was more flavoursome than other beers if that’s your thing.

Brakspear Oxford Gold Organic Beer (4.5%) costs £1.90 for a 500ml a bottle from Vintage Roots.


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