Bulldog Sensitive Moisturiser Eco Product Review

I’ve reviewed Bulldog’s moisturiser before, the ‘hydrate’ version back in January 2008. This new version is from the ‘sensitive’ range and promises to be kind to my skin.

As I mentioned in my previous review I tend to shy away from thick moisturisers as I find they get stuck in my beard, a bit like in the picture below, although that’s actually suntan lotion that wouldn’t rub in. I mean, I have a few grey/gray hairs but that makes me look ridiculous. And the sun’s in my eyes as well but I was told to take my sunglasses off for the photo.

White beard

Anyway, despite this moisturiser being quite thick, it rubs in as well as my usual brand and I’ve no complaints on that score. Although it does have quite a strong smell to it. Well certainly stronger than the other version and at first I found it slightly off-putting, especially when I learnt that one ingredient is green algae.

But to be honest I’ve used stuff with worse sounding ingredients and after a while you get used to the smell and a drop of aftershave soon sees to it anyway. So generally I’m very happy with it and it has certainly been kind to my skin so far. I’m about to test another moisturiser too so will let you know if I need to reappraise that opinion.

Bulldog sensitive moisturiser

Bulldog products contain no parabens, no sodium laureth sulfate, no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Go to www.meetthebulldog.com to find stockists. A 100ml tub/bottle costs around £6.00.


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